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iAtlantic is a European Horizon 2020 project ”Integrated Assessment of Atlantic Marine Ecosystems in Space and Time”. It is a multidisciplinary research programme seeking to assess the health of deep-sea and open-ocean ecosystems across the full span of the Atlantic Ocean.

iAtlantic aims to deliver knowledge that is critical for responsible and sustainable management of Atlantic Ocean resources in an era of unprecedented global change. Involving marine scientists from countries bordering the north and south Atlantic Ocean, this ambitious project will determine the resilience of deep-sea animals – and their habitats – to threats such as temperature rise, pollution and human activities.

The ambitious iAtlantic project will undertake an ocean-wide approach to understanding the factors that control the distribution, stability and vulnerability of deep-sea ecosystems. Work will span the full scale of the Atlantic basin, from the tip of Argentina in the south to Iceland in the north, and from the east coasts of the USA and Brazil to the western margins of Europe and Africa. Central to the project’s success is the international collaboration between scientists throughout the Atlantic region, with sharing of expertise, equipment, infrastructure, data and personnel placed at the forefront of iAtlantic’s approach.

EMODnet is closely working with the large and international H2020 iAtlantic researchers, the wider marine research community, marine research infrastructures, and increasingly with the private sector, for the sharing of data through national data management centres, European infrastructures such as SeaDataNet and the EMODnet Data Ingestion portal. This ensures that research data are not only available in national repositories at the end of a project but are made available and harmonised and standardised to EU and International data standards, then integrated into EMODnet for long-term discovery and access by all.

Seascape Belgium administrating EMODnet contributes to the spatial and temporal sustainable management goal of iAtlantic by providing an advanced web-based GIS-tool. This iAtlantic community page is being developed by EMODnet as a central hub for marine and maritime stakeholders to discover iAtlantic open resources and to ensure that the wealth of data and data products generated by iAtlantic are made FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable & Reusable) via EMODnet.

Read more about the EU iAtlantic project at https://www.iatlantic.eu/

Access the iAtlantic Geonode to discover, view and download iAtlantic and other open source marine data!

This community page is enabled by EMODnet Central Portal and the EMODnet Secretariat (administered by Seascape Belgium), with collaboration across H2020 iAtlantic project consortium that comprises 33 partner organisations from Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina, Canada and the USA, complemented by a wider network of associated partners.

We acknowledge the financial contribution from the European Union for EMODnet (EC, DG MARE) and the H2020 iAtlantic project, grant agreement No 818123 (iAtlantic).


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