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  • Collect data once and use it many times
  • Develop standards across disciplines as well as within them
  • Process and validate data at different levels. Structures are already developing at national level but infrastructure at sea-basin and European level is needed
  • Provide sustainable financing at an EU level so as to extract maximum value from the efforts of individual Member States
  • Build on existing efforts where data communities have already organized themselves
  • Develop a decision-making process for priorities that is user-driven
  • Accompany data with statements on ownership, accuracy and precision, and
  • Recognise that marine data is a public good and discourage cost-recovery pricing from public bodies. 

    AtlantOS General Assembley

    The AtlantOS third General Assembly Meeting, hosted by EMODnet Associated Partner PLOCAN, takes p

    21 Nov 2017 to 24 Nov 2017